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About your pickles, you would’ve have thought that one of us was pregnant the night that we bought the pickles because in our cart were three items:  a whole coconut, cottage cheese, and your pickles! I judge a book by its cover, and the label caught my eye and we could not resist.  So awesome.


I was having a late night stroll at the grocery store, which led to an amazing find. Two items to pick up soon became three when I saw a old school jar of Cole’s Chili Cukes on the shelf. Sometimes the simplest things are the biggest deal. Got home and had to stop myself from eating the whole jar! The low sodium really made the pickle stand up to the perfect amount of chili and garlic.  Just like grandpa used to make. Thanks guys.


This morning my husband, Loren, and I became part of the legion of fans of your out-of-this-world pickles, having spotted and purchased a jar of Cole’s Chili Cukes at a Mollie Stone’s yesterday.  Incredibly delicious for all the right reasons!  We love that it’s low sodium, and has no vinegar, and the seasonings are superb.

We’re definitely going to use the brine for marinating chicken as well. : )

Thanks and can’t wait to try your other goodies.

San Francisco

In my life-long quest for the perfect pickle I’ve finally met the consummate cuke. I’ve lived in seven major cities in three different countries and used to work as a chef. The good people at Buck’s Vineyard simply make THE BEST pickles I’ve ever bought. Fresh, quality, not-too-salty, no chemical taste, just great, well-made food. Thanks to Jeff and the rest of the gang! Your pickles are the greatest!


These are the best pickles in the world.

The best. Ever.

Thank you for such an amazing product.

I’m originally from New York and I thought I knew what a good deli pickle should taste like. I’d not found anything in the West Coast to rival anything back east. That was until I tried your brand last night. Almost ate the whole jar in one sitting.

I bought them at the Lunardi’s store in Danville. Now that I see on your web site that you have other products, I’ll be sure to look for them as well.


Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT pickles. I came home and opened both jars and had a taste – super, my daughter had some too and she does not like spicy food. I will definitely return to Lunardi’s and purchase more. Let me know if your company decides to pickle anything else (tomatoes, peppers) I would definitely try them. I have to say the thing I like best about your pickles, they have an extremely clean taste and they are so crisp. It is like having a deli pickle in a New York deli.



“I was in the park yesterday and this woman comes up to me and says “Hey! What are you doing? Why are you making that face? What are you looking at? Are you having a vision?! Are you seeing the Virgin of Guadalupe in that tree?? And I said “No, I’m just eating a Pookie’s Pickle.”…And then she got a confused look on her face and called the cops.”

“I was watching Led Zepplin’s The Song Remains The Same the other night and during the guitar solo in “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” a girl in the front row looks up at Jimmy Page with this glazed look in her eyes and nods and smiles like she’s just been told the secrets of the universe… I suspect she had just eaten a Pookie’s Pickle.”

“I sometimes like to bite the sides of a Pookie’s Pickle so that the seeds shoot out all over the other bus passengers. Thing is, they never really mind.”


Being avid dog lovers, we were drawn to the Cole’s Chili Cukes because of the dog pic on the label.  I’m actually a big fan of Vlasic brand pickles.  Well, forget Vlasic’s.  I never knew what good, fresh, high-quality homemade pickles were before trying Buck’s Vineyard Pickles.   We have since purchased the other varieties you offer and they have become a regular item in our household.  Recently, I made a trip to a store that didn’t carry Buck’s and bought my old standard.  Wow, what a difference!  The chemical flavor, unnatural coloring and mushy texture was immediately evident.  Yuck!  Thank you so much for pickles that are wholesome and delicious!  It also makes us feel good that we are supporting a local business!  We are big fans of Buck Vineyard Pickles!

Scott & Stella

I am your #1 fan… my wife knows when the fridge is bare and I am unhappy.

Going tomorrow to buy 5 jars… I have 30+ jars in my cupboard. I love the fact I can reuse them for gifts.

Keep up the good work. you never need to give me a jar but if you ever go out of business I MUST have the recipe for personal use only. Like you… I love these pickles.



OMG! I tried the Cole’s Chili Cukes! I love them!! Great job… I can’t wait to go to the store and buy some more here in SF…

Poncho Blancas & Samantha Crane – Big Buck’s Fans!

Lou and I tried the pickles this evening and are enjoying your taste treat! Lou says, yes, they take him back to Long Island. And to me they are, as the French would say, deliceux … “from the skies” … heavenly!

Mary Ann

Hey Jeff.. the day got away from me yesterday.. but I did open both jars.. wow, absolutely delicious!! I really love the chili jar.. right up my alley. I’m a pickle-juice drinker too, so not a drop will go to waste.

Oh man, light years better than the typical stuff from Safeway. I’d say “just like grandma used to make” but she didn’t make pickles. You have a big fan here, and a new loyal customer.

I know my brother will love them too.


Not only are your pickles great, but the label came off the jar easily and I can save it, completely intact!  I can recycle/reuse the jar without needing chemicals to get the gooey stuff off.

I truly loved the pickles, but now I also admire the packaging as well!


Bought a jar of your pickles at Lunardi’s.  Very very good.  They lasted about 3 days.  I think you have a great product.  Now how to go national!

Dwight “Bone Daddy” Perkins
Big Wave Beverage Company




Wow, I just had one of the 3 bottles of pickles you brought to me at La Fondue this evening. (We weren’t kidding when we said I can go through an entire jar!) Thank you SO much for going out of your way to bring me these amazing treasures. I’m still in shock from the whole experience!

These are by far the best I’ve had, my only wish is that they came in larger containers! 🙂

I can’t wait to see what else you cook up down there.


These pickles are truly the best. I drove to two different Whole Foods looking for them last week.

Yes, I plan to marinate some chicken in the brine. Can you give me any other pointers?


I LOVE THEM! I grew up on half sour pickles in NY and was thrilled to find them in the Cupertino Whole Foods.

Cupertino, CA

I was at Whole Foods in Campbell on Sunday and saw your pickles. I just had to try them since I love pickles and also spicy foods . Whenever I see new pickles at WF I have to try them. I have to say after one bite I am totally addicted. These are the best pickles I have ever had. I really hope Whole Foods continues to carry them. I will also tell the customer service at Whole Foods how much I like them.

Thank you for making such a great product.

Campbell, CA

I live in Minnesota and was in Half Moon Bay and bought some of your chili pickles. They are amazing!!! I would love to have a few jars at home. I was going to take some in my suitcase, but I don’t think that is a wise idea. Thanks!!


Oh My God! A more perfect pickle I have never had! I bought Coles Chili Cukes yesterday at my local Santa Cruz New Leaf market and today I just polished off the entire jar all by myself! I pride myself on having superior willpower. I can eat ice cream in one spoonful servings per day and ration my chocolate to a singe square a day but I could not stop thinking about those pickles until they were all gone. At first I was turned off by the dog on the label of a pickle but it certainly got my attention long enough to look closer and then I spied the word Chili and I had to try them.

I used to own a hot shop in Santa Cruz called “Whole Lotta Peppers” and we sold hundreds of different foods and sauces that feature the chile pepper and by far my favorite product in the store was Dave’s Demented Dill’s from Dave’s Gourmet, but being a cooked pickle they couldn’t hold a candle to Coles Chili Cukes. Your pickles are fresh and not cooked like the only other pickle I will eat, Clausens’. To this you have married the heat of Daves Demented Dills, they are perfection. Loads of garlic and branches of dill clinging all over the cukes, and even have the fermented sizzle of Kimchee ( my other pickled hot favorite).They are fabulous and so fresh, I am in heaven and wish you all the best luck. Next I’m going to try your onion soup which is also a favorite dish of mine, I always order it if it is on a restaurants menu, and I have high hopes for yours. Now I’lI need to drink about a gallon of water.

All the best,


Santa Cruz

I swung past Piedmont Grocery tonight and picked up your package of two [pookie’s pickles] pickle jars. I haven’t cracked them open, but they look great. We are having a bunch of friends over Saturday night for dinner and I plan on putting them out on our snack platters before the meal. I am sure they will be a big hit. I am going to leave the jar out, because I love the unique packaging.

I want to thank you for your quick and generous response to my letter. Personal attention from today’s companies is rare and I appreciate the obvious dedication you have towards your customers.


I just bought a jar of cole’s chili cukes at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco because it looked interesting in the display case. The horizontal cut of the cucumbers caught my eye. Then I tasted them. Wow! What a revelation! I love this product! Finally someone has produced a cold, crisp, New York style “green” pickle with just the right amount of heat. Absolutely fantastic!

I’m a bit of a gourmand, a documentary filmmaker on food topics, and like to think I can cook. You have really hit the nail on the head with this product. I wish you great success. (Just don’t compromise the quality when you are overwhelmed with demand). I’ll be a dedicated customer from now on.

Good luck!

P.S. I have something to add: I finished the jar (my wife doesn’t like spicy) and had the impulse to rinse it out before putting it into recycling. I was AMAZED that you guys, unlike any other consumer products company I’ve encountered, actually make your product stickers EASY TO REMOVE. So, off they came with a little warm water and guess what: I now have a perfectly good KERR canning jar (okay, I’m a food nerd) which went through the dishwasher and into the pantry. Absolutely amazing! You didn’t advertise it (“Hey! Buy our great pickles and you get a perfectly good KERR canning jar!) You just did it. What’s broken at most of America’s consumer products companies seems to be working perfectly well at yours. Congratulations (again) on a great product, and a great “hidden benefit”.

So I ran across this article on “food to not eat if you have high blood pressure.” Man did my heart drop when pickles showed up at #1 on the list. I had just recently become a Pookie’s junkie. So, I raced to the fridge for nutritional info on the label. Zilch. No nutritional info. So I went to your website to get the scoop. Zip. But, it did say “low in sodium” SCORE! What am I living for anyway?

I used to only eat 1/2 sour pickles as a kid. Hadn’t had one in 40 years. Got a jar of Pookies the other day. Ate ’em all.


Just wanted to let you know – I bought Cole’s Chili Cukes. They were so good! Thanks for such a good product. I am hooked! – Nina

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