Tracey Priest

Tracey Priest

EVP Sales & Chief Pickle Pusher


Tracey is a 25 year veteran of the consumer package goods industry with experience in both sales and marketing. In his early career with Quaker Oats and Tropicana he held several sales positions leading to a senior sales role as a manager of a broker sales force for the midwest.

The second part of Tracey’s career was spent in marketing with large consumer brands in both consumer health care (Bayer Consumer Care) and private label baby products. Over the past five years, Tracey has worked exclusively in the Natural & Organic class of trade helping small businesses build their brands at retailers such as Whole Foods as well as other regional chains and independents.

Tracey has developed go-to-market strategies, broker selection, sales presentations, event execution, e-commerce programs and has coordinated and led many sales presentations. As a part of his sales leadership role he manages several of the largest national natural channel brokers for multiple brands providing all necessary sales support and execution.

Here’s What Our Customers Say …

These are the best pickles in the world. The best. Ever. Thank you for such an amazing product.
Pookie’s Pickles Junkie
OMG! I tried the Cole's Chili Cukes! I love them!! Great job... I can't wait to go to the store and buy some more here in SF...
Huge Fan
Poncho Blancas & Samantha Crane - Big Buck's Fans!
I was having a late night stroll at the grocery store, which led to an amazing find.  Two items to pick up soon became three when I saw a old school jar Cole’s chili cukes on the shelf.  Sometimes the simplest things are the biggest deal.   Got home and had to stop myself from eating the whole jar!  The low sodium really made the pickle stand up to the perfect amount of chili and garlic.  Just like grandpa used to make.  Thanks guys.
In my life-long quest for the perfect pickle I've finally met the consummate cuke. I've lived in seven major cities in three different countries and used to work as a chef. The good people at Buck's Vineyard simply make THE BEST pickles I've ever bought. Fresh, quality, not-too-salty, no chemical taste, just great, well-made food. Thanks to Jeff and the rest of the gang! Your pickles are the greatest!
Perfect Pickle
This morning my husband, Loren, and I became part of the legion of fans of your out-of-this-world pickles, having spotted and purchased a jar of the chili cukes at a Mollie Stone's yesterday.  Incredibly delicious for all the right reasons!  We love that it's low sodium, and has no vinegar, and the seasonings are superb.
Definitely a fan!