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Originally launched by Jeff Solinger in the mid 2000’s Buck’s grew into a strong regional brand with distribution primarily on the West Coast in the Natural and Independent Grocery Channels. The business was shut down in 2014 due to a personal family issue.

However, store owners and consumers continued to clamor for more Buck’s Vineyard pickles, so now Buck’s is back!

Using a family recipe that is over 170 years old, Buck’s Vineyard has created a pickle unlike any on the market. This unique half-sour pickle is fresh packed in brine and seasonings and ready for your enjoyment. So, enjoy!

The Solinger Family

our family heritage

In 1931, Tata (Dmytro) and Nana (Katherine) Solinger emigrated to the United States from the Ukraine, bringing with them their family recipes, including their favorite – the old family pickle recipe.  This more than 170 year old, 7th generation, half-sour pickle recipe remains the cornerstone for the entire line of pickles from Buck’s Vineyard.

All the pickles at Buck’s Vineyards are hand packed fresh using a unique packing process.  Every jar of pickles contains small, niblet pickles, pickle halves and pickle quarters — something for everyone – all packed into a quart jar. Fresh spices are then placed on the top of the pickles and the brine is added. This process makes our pickles unique, fresh-tasting, crunchy and, when you ask our customers, addictive.

our brine

The brine used to make Buck’s Vineyard Pickles is a secret family recipe. There’s one more secret with this brine – when you run out of pickles, the brine can be used as marinade for your favorite cuts of chicken, pork, beef or even vegetables for a delicious meal every time!

Need inspiration? Check out our Recipes page for innovative ways to use our special Buck’s Brine.

Have an amazing recipe to share? Send us your ideas via our Contact Us page!

Our team

Partners In Brine*

Jeff Solinger
Jeff Solinger
CEO & Chief Pickle Packer aka "The Big Dill"
Peter Byrne
Peter Byrne
President & Chief Pickle Promoter
Tracey Priest
Tracey Priest
EVP Sales & Chief Pickle Pusher
Nancy Weimer
Nancy Weimer
Chief Pickle Sampler

* Images may or may not be actual photos of our team.

our process

Buck’s Vineyard Pickles are hand-packed using the facilities of The Fruit Guys in Brisbane, CA. Our unique spice blend is sourced from spices supplied by Organic Spices of San Leandro, CA. and our cucumbers are hand selected from the fields of Park View Produce of San Francisco. All of our pickles are packed in glass and shipped refrigerated.

People love pickles!  Global sales of pickles and pickle products – valued at $10.80 billion in 2016 – is expected to reach $14.57 billion by 2022 at a compound annual growth of 3.1%. And, US consumers love pickles the most! The US consumes the largest portion of pickles in the world – more than a $5 BN worth of pickles (Source: Market Research Store January 2016) – as nearly 2/3 of Americans report they bought pickles in the past year with dill pickles being the most popular type.

Pickle Stories (Our Blog)

News, fun facts, inspiration, humor … and a few recipes, too!

Pickle Sampling Event Friday – Check Us Out!
Pickle Sampling Event Friday – Check Us Out!

Tomorrow, Friday, June 15th, we’ll be sampling our amazing pickles from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Oceana Market, located at 200 Eureka...

New Store – The Summit Grocery Store in Los Gatos
New Store – The Summit Grocery Store in Los Gatos

We’re excited to announce that, starting today, Buck’s Vineyard pickles and horseradish are available at the Summit Grocery Store...

Pickle-Flavored Soft-Serve Exists, and We Can Never Go Back
Pickle-Flavored Soft-Serve Exists, and We Can Never Go Back

The team behind Jacob’s Pickles, a restaurant in NYC’s Upper West Side neighborhood, just opened a more casual...

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Here’s what our customers say …

These are the best pickles in the world. The best. Ever. Thank you for such an amazing product.
OMG! I tried the Cole's Chili Cukes! I love them!! Great job... I can't wait to go to the store and buy some more here in SF...
Poncho Blancas & Samantha Crane - Big Buck's Fans!
I was having a late night stroll at the grocery store, which led to an amazing find.  Two items to pick up soon became three when I saw a old school jar Cole’s chili cukes on the shelf.  Sometimes the simplest things are the biggest deal.   Got home and had to stop myself from eating the whole jar!  The low sodium really made the pickle stand up to the perfect amount of chili and garlic.  Just like grandpa used to make.  Thanks guys.
In my life-long quest for the perfect pickle I've finally met the consummate cuke. I've lived in seven major cities in three different countries and used to work as a chef. The good people at Buck's Vineyard simply make THE BEST pickles I've ever bought. Fresh, quality, not-too-salty, no chemical taste, just great, well-made food. Thanks to Jeff and the rest of the gang! Your pickles are the greatest!
This morning my husband, Loren, and I became part of the legion of fans of your out-of-this-world pickles, having spotted and purchased a jar of the chili cukes at a Mollie Stone's yesterday.  Incredibly delicious for all the right reasons!  We love that it's low sodium, and has no vinegar, and the seasonings are superb.
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